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Free Home Evaluations

Free Home Evaluations

Lawrenceburg KY Real Estate Agent/Attorney: SCOTT HARPER

  • Finding the perfect Lawrenceburg KY home;

  • Attorney negotiating on your behalf;

  • Assistance in finding the right home inspector and title company;

  • Assistance finding the right lender for you;

  • Closing process simplified.


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Informed Buyers Can Avoid This Pitfall!

Most Lawrenceburg home shoppers look at homes for sale on major listing sites like Zillow, or Trulia. When they find a home they like, they’re encouraged to contact the “LISTING AGENT”. What Lawrenceburg home buyers don’t realize is the “LISTING AGENT” is also the “SELLERS AGENT”. The Seller’s Agent has one goal, to get the highest price possible for the SELLER, to the detriment of the BUYER. Obviously, this rarely, if ever, results in a fair price for a Home Buyer.

Avoiding The Listing/Sellers Agent Pitfall

Consumer articles agree that home buyers are well advised to consult with a reputable real estate agent to represent them as a buyers agent. At the very least, to at least consult with a qualified real estate attorney that can interact with listing/selling agents on their behalf. This is where I come in. My name is Scott Harper and I’m both a certified Lawrenceburg KY real estate agent and practicing attorney. I can represent you in either or both capacities.

Shopping For Homes For Sale In Lawrenceburg KY

Finding the right home to buy in Lawrenceburg KY is a great move. Lawrenceburg is one of the top cities in KY to consider when you’re relocating or just looking to move to a bigger home. Having Scott Harper representing you as your real estate agent is a strong plus for buyers and sellers alike. As a Kentucky resident, real estate agent, and practicing attorney, Scott has contacts local to Lawrenceburg and legal skills that make him the logical choice for any buyer or seller interested in living in our area.

Lawrenceburg KY Has Something For Everybody


When you list with Scott Harper, you receive a multitude of benefits from emergency repair work, to deed preparation discounts, and much more. Contact us today for a free consultation.